Creation of Surfn-numixs

  1. SSD and Rolling Releases: The speaker mentions an SSD used since May 2018 for the development of Sardi and Surfing icons, emphasizing the long-term, rolling release nature of their setup.
  2. Firefox and Script Utilization: They highlight using Firefox for accessing scripts and tools necessary for icon customization, indicating a need for flexibility and modularity in icon theming.
  3. Git and GitHub: The process involves cloning from GitHub, specifically the Numix icon theme Circle, to update and change icon sets. This demonstrates the use of Git commands (git clone, git pull) for maintaining up-to-date icon themes.
  4. Icon Customization: The speaker details steps for mixing icon themes, creating a new theme (referred to as Surf Numix), and customizing icons for specific applications, like changing the Firefox icon. This part underscores the granularity possible in icon theming, from single icons to complete sets.
  5. Inheritance and Modification: The creation of Surf Numix involves modifying the .index theme file to adjust inheritance and theme names, illustrating the technical aspect of theme development.
  6. Nemo File Manager: Using Nemo, the speaker navigates through icon directories to replace specific icons, showcasing practical file management in theme customization.
  7. Symbolic Links: The use of symbolic links (ln -s) to create shortcuts or aliases for icons, such as for network folders or the trash bin, is explained, highlighting a method to efficiently manage icon resources.
  8. Icon Theme Cache: The importance of creating an icon theme cache to ensure all icons are correctly displayed and accounted for is mentioned, pointing to a crucial step in theme deployment.
  9. Decision Making and Repository Management: The speaker contemplates whether to include the new icon theme in a default set or a personal repository, demonstrating the decision-making process involved in open-source development and personal project management.
  10. Pushing to GitHub: Finally, the process of updating changes to GitHub is outlined, including checking for broken links and ensuring all new additions are correctly documented and pushed to the repository. This marks the conclusion of the theme customization process, ready for community use or personal enjoyment.