How to fix those icons that do not change with any icon theme

After you downloaded the Sardi icon collection that is hosted on Sourceforge and after following the steps how to install the Sardi icon theme, you will see that some of the icons in any distro will NEVER change.

Content of the tutorial

  • select the sardi icon theme
  • look for icons that do not follow your icon theme
  • download the scripts from github
  • run the hardcode-fixer script
  • watch the magic happen



Not all the icons can be fixed with the hardcode-fixer script.  That is why I made an extra script to change the last stubborn icons or you can choose to change them yourself manually by following the steps in this tutorial.

Content of the tutorial

  • /usr/share/applications
  • edit with sublime-text because of the admin rights
  • manually or with a script