Make it yourself icon theme : from Sardi Dark Breeze to any possible combination

In the Sardi icon collection you will find a new icon theme named Sardi Breeze Dark. This icon theme comes from the KDE or Plasma icon theme Breeze but we can use it as well on other distro’s.

I first experimented with it on the github with Super Ultra Flat Numix Remix icon set.

At some point in time I wanted it to select it in the Sardi collection and that was not possible… So we made this new icon set.

We have now 19 icon sets we can combine and make a new desktop look out of it. That is what this article is about.

Modularity of Sardi is high.

With some basic knowledge you can make combinations you can work with.

Sardi Breeze Dark

This is the standard icon set in Sardi. But as you will see later in the movie I could have added also a Sardi Mono Breeze Dark as the original one. There is no need to have doubles. You can easily make them yourself.


Sardi Flat Breeze Dark


Sardi Flexible Breeze Dark


Sardi Mono Breeze Dark


Sardi Ghost Flexible Breeze Dark


Sardi Ghost Flexible Breeze Dark with blue icons (script)


Content of tutorial

  • new icon theme Sardi Breeze Dark
  • combining the elements of other icons
  • copy/paste Sardi Breeze Dark and rename to Sardi Mono Breeze Dark
  • edit the index.theme – inherits
  • repeating it with Sardi Flexible