Make it yourself icon theme : from Sardi Flat Colora to Sardi Ghost Flexible Spiderman

In the Sardi Flat Orange folder you will find a script to change all orange colored icons to any colour you want. The standard new colour is a blue colour.

EDIT: Sardi Flat Orange has been renamed to Sardi Flat Colora to point out that this icon set can change its colours via a script.

This theme is the result of the steps undertaken in this article.

We had already made an icon theme Sardi Flexible Santa Claus. A nice wallpaper came up via variety and the need to change the white ghost flexible icons to red icons arose…

We end up making a new icon theme with the name Sardi Ghost Flexible Spiderman.

16 million colour choices

Screenshots of the article/project this icon theme is based on.

Sardi Flat Santa Claus


Sardi Santa Claus


Sardi Mono Santa Claus


Sardi Flexible Santa Claus


Sardi Flexible Santa Claus

I took the old colour orange instead of the new colour red but the result is not that bad.


This is what I was going for.


Sardi Ghost Flexible Santa Claus

This was my latest creation the other day. And then came the idea to change the white icons to red ones like the spiderman wallpaper.


 Sardi Ghost Flexible Spiderman

We used the application gpick to know the colour of the red icon and used this colour to change the icons.


Content of tutorial

  • starting from Sardi Flexible Santa Claus based on a previous article
  • find the script in sardi ghost flexible
  • start gpick and find out what the colour is
  • copy/paste the colour
  • running the available script
  • select your theme
  • I actually choose the red colour from the folders.
  • the colour of the folder is actually a bit more red #B41919

This time we are going to take the colour of the sleeve of the costume of Spiderman and see how that looks.



Sardi Ghost Flexible has been changed into this colour #B41919 or Firebrick with this as a result.

Need I say it. The possibilities are endless.