Make it yourself icon theme : from Sardi Mono Colora to Sardi Mono Colora Plum

In the Sardi Mono Colora folder you will find a script to change all orange colored icons to any colour you want.

We use inkscape to test what colour combinations we like and copy/paste the codes into the script and run it.

We end up making a new icon theme with the name Sardi Mono Colora Plum.

16 million colour choices


Sardi Mono Colora Plum



Content of tutorial

  • changing the theme to orange to fit the Sardi Mono Colora icons
  • goal : make a new colouring script
  • explaining the structure of sardi
  • script will change colour of folders
  • already several presets available
  • icons has top, body and icon
  • so three colours
  • copy/paste in order to have an original
  • copy/paste the script and rename it
  • OLD colours – never change them
  • figure out the colours
  • copy/paste the hexadecimal codes to your script
  • naming of the presets I use gpick
  • changing the name of the directory
  • changing the theme inside the index.theme