Make it yourself icon theme : from Sardi Mono Colora to Sardi Mono Fire Brick

In the Sardi Mono Orange folder you will find a script to change all orange colored icons to any colour you want. The standard new colour is a dark red with some white accents.

EDIT: Sardi Mono Orange has been renamed to Sardi Mono Colora to point out that this icon set can change its colours via a script.

We start with the orange colour (#f38725) and will change it to this colour (#b41919).

We end up making a new icon theme with the name Sardi Mono Fire Brick.

16 million colour choices


Content of tutorial

  • find the script in Sardi Mono Colora
  • Mint-Y-Fire theme on my github
  • downloading the latest sardi icons from sourceforge or via script from github
  • run the right script
  • be creative swith the colours around and see what looks great