Make it yourself icon theme : starting to make a script for Sardi Flat Colora and end up with Sardi Flat Fire Brick

In this article you can follow all the steps I took to make a script (that in the mean time has evolved again).

The movie is as is. NO manipulation, you will see all my mistakes as well.


  • Download the Sardi files to get the colouring script (that by now has changed).
  • SVG are images ok but also text files you can edit and change.
  • Sublime-text is my current editor
  • Open one of the icons in inkscape
  • colour codes describe each elements
  • WHAT IF we can change these codes via script

In the Sardi Mono Orange folder you will find a script to change all orange colored icons to any colour you want. The standard new colour is a dark red with some white accents.

EDIT: Sardi Flat Orange has been renamed to Sardi Flat Colora to point out that this icon set can change its colours via a script.

We end up making a new icon theme with the name Sardi Flat Fire Brick.

The script will be available in the next version of Sardi.

16 million colour choices

Sardi Flat Fire Brick


Content of tutorial

  • remove sardi icons from /usr/share/icons if you need to do this
  • downloading and installing it in the hidden folder .icons for easy manipulation
  • copy/paste the script from Sardi Mono Orange
  • find the script in sardi mono orange and copy/paste it to Sardi Flat Orange
  • check what icons have not changed
  • an icon has three parts so three colours to change
  • scripts only works in folder places
  • we need it to work also  in folder actions
  • be creative swith the colours around and see what looks great