We found out that Numix comes in different folder colors. What if we use the gray colors in combination with Sardi Mono.

Or how to make a new icon theme.

Let us make a new icon set with gray Numix folders and Sardi Mono icons

Contents of movie

  • other colors are available in Numix icon theme
  • use the gray icons instead of the orange icons
  • renaming your files is easy with thunar
  • sudo apt-get install thunar
  • links are point to real files – change the real files and the links will follow the color
  • procedure of renaming
  • testing icon theme without default folders
  • rename  via bulk rename
  • copy/pasting the renamed files in their place
  • another great looking theme to keep



Result :



Cleaning up all the icons we do not need

Contents of movie

  • Numix has different kind of folders.
  • check your index.theme
  • inherits?
  • what folders can we delete
  • how to fix one specific icon like trash. interesting!