The idea is to combine the yellow folders from Numix theme and the Sardi Mono icon theme of the icons.

Contents of movie

  • mixing themes
  • download the Numix theme
  • copy/paste code the codes in a terminal to have the numix icon theme
  • /usr/share/icons is where all the icons are
  • how to make a completely new icon theme
  • copy/paste sardi Mono and rename the folder
  • rename folder
  • change the name in index.theme
  • where can you find the original numix icons
  • what can we copy to our theme – most difficult choice
  • if in doubt just test



Result of our work




Cleaning up all the icons we do not need

Starting from a copy/paste of Sardi Mono we should delete a lot of folders and files!

Contents of movie

  • inherits has to be set right!
  • we started with a copy from Sardi mono
  • what folder can we delete in order to keep MB low and keep it structured
  • delete all other colors – blue, pink, …
  • what we do not know yet – keep it – you can delete it later!