How to make sure all icons are coming from the Sardi Icon theme with hardcode fixer from foggalong

You will see in Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa that not all icons are following the same theme. Whether you are using Sardi or Numix or any other theme, they never change.

These icons are hard-coded.

It means that the programmers have put a line inside a file pointing to one specific place to show us this icon. So whatever you do, this line never changes.

You can do this manually but I will always choose the most efficient way and that is the hard-code fixer from Foggalong.

This little tool will look at your system and change all the hard-coded programs and change it so your icon themes will look nice again.
And you can reverse the changes as well.

Contents of movie

  • icons that are out of place
  • showing hardcoded icons
  • download the fixer
  • extract the zip file
  • showing all possible mistakes you can make
  • sudo apt-get install curl
  • run as root  with sudo
  • checking the fixed icons



All the icons of these programs were hardcoded and have been fixed after running this script.