Modularity of Sardi icons explained with the application Numix-folders-git

Sardi icons are modular.

It means you can mix icons together from different icon themes. But there are some elements you should know before even trying to avoid frustrations and failure.

  1. never mess with the original icons – make a copy to your ~/.icons
  2. delete the icon cache file
  3. rename your folder and index.theme – use the same name
  4. use the power of the inherits line in index.theme
  5. delete whatever folders/icons you do not like and reload the icon theme until you are happy

It will make more sense after the video.

Download Sardi icons from Sourceforge.

Download Numix-folders-git from …

Arch based distro’s from AUR : numix-folders-git

Source :

  • Introduction to Numix Folders: The speaker introduces Numix Folders as a versatile application available on Arch Linux-based distributions, like ArcoLinux. This tool enables users to easily change folder icons among six or seven styles, showcasing the modularity of Linux icon theming.

  • Installation and Use: The process begins with installing Numix GTK icons and Numix Folders. The speaker demonstrates how to apply a selected style and color (e.g., Style 5 with blue color) using Numix Folders, highlighting the simplicity of customizing folder appearances.

  • Combining Icon Themes: The core idea is to combine Numix folder icons with Sardi mono icons to achieve a cohesive and personalized look. This involves copying Numix folder icons to a new directory and then configuring the icon theme to use these folders alongside Sardi mono icons for other icon types.

  • Resulting Appearance: After applying the changes, the desktop environment uses the chosen Numix folder icons, with all other icons provided by the Sardi mono theme. This results in a visually consistent and personalized desktop theme.

  • Flexibility and Modularity: The discussion emphasizes the flexibility and modularity of Linux theming, allowing users to mix and match icon sets to create a desktop appearance that fits their preferences. The Numix Folders tool exemplifies this by offering an easy way to change folder styles and colors.

  • Encouragement for Experimentation: The speaker encourages users to experiment with different icon combinations, underscoring the vast possibilities for customization within Linux environments. This encourages a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to desktop personalization.