Sardi icons are SVGs

Sardi icons can be changed

Sardi icons are circular

Sardi icons have 6 core icon families

For any linux distro

Many variants


Create your own icon sets

Be in control

Best of all – it is maintained

Part of the ArcoLinux project

Tested on 100+ isos/distros
Test it on yours

Tested on 20+ desktops

Sardi icons have 6 core icon families.
Other icon sets depend on it for their icons.

  1. Sardi
  2. Sardi Flat
  3. Sardi Orb
  4. Sardi Flexible
  5. Sardi Ghost Flexible
  6. Sardi Mono


Sardi Flat

Sardi Orb

Sardi Flexible

Sardi Ghost Flexible

Sardi Mono


Many tutorials can be found on this website to show you how easy it is to create variants of these icons. Since the icons are SVGs you can change their colors with a script – thousands of icons will be changed in a matter of seconds.
Flexible and Colora in the name means you will find scripts in there.


Other tutorials will use the modularity that icon themes provide and mix other icon themes together with Sardi icons. So you can use the folders of Paper with the icons of Sardi.

You will find these tutorials on the website or you can use the menu to focus on either flexibility or modularity.

Sardi Flat Gallery

Sardi Orb Gallery

Sardi Ghost Flexible Gallery