Redesigning the Sardi Icons yourself – changing the colors of Sardi Mono Numix

Let us experiment and try to change all and any aspect of Sardi Icons.


  • Inkscape is installed
  • Sublime text is installed

The movie has been split into three parts

Coding that has been used is:

And that is all it takes to color all the Sardi Mono Numix icons of the places.

find -name "*.svg" -exec sed -i 's/fill:#ffa726/fill:#d5d5d5/g' {} \;
find -name "*.svg" -exec sed -i 's/fill:#ef6c00/fill:#c5c5c5/g' {} \;
find -name "*.svg" -exec sed -i 's/fill:#b17621/fill:#a3a3a3/g' {} \;

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