Sardi Flexible

Sardi Flexible was an idea that was slumbering in my head and never got around to do it due to lack in time but also lack in knowledge of scripting. I wanted to make a script that could achieve that all icons in Sardi would change quickly and easily. No manual labor but let the computer do all the work. My scripting knowledge is growing but is nowhere compared with some of the scripts that I see on the net. So after many painstakingly hours of not giving up and delving into these codes, I can now share you the benefits of my work.

I started with Sardi and wanted to change all colors but the white one! That was my difficulty. The result is that we get a monochrome icon set with a white outer circle and a white icon in the middle. The background color can change into ANY color you like.

Since colors are made up in hexadecimals like so #ffffff, that means we have 255x255x255 possibilities to color the background or roughly 16.5 million choices.

16.5 million colors to choose from

Here are some examples.

















I ended up choosing curious blue or #1793D1 to launch Sardi Flexible. BUT it could have been as easily red or green or pink.


I want to be crystal clear on this. All of the above is the one and the same icon set: Sardi Flexible.


During the debugging and fixing of the codes I let myself lead by the wallpapers from variety (desktoppr). I then choose a color from the wallpaper to make the icons. Easy tool to do that is gpick.

I have recorded many of my debugging sessions via kazam and you can see them here. Since it was quite early the movies have no speech but I trust it will be clear after seeing some of the movies.

The code that you can use to change the colors are :

#1793D1  to #choosecolour

find -name "*.svg" -type f -exec sed -i '/fill="#ffffff"/!s/fill="#1793D1"/fill="#choosecolour"/g' {}  \;
find -name "*.svg" -type f -exec sed -i '/fill:#ffffff/!s/fill:#1793D1/fill:#choosecolour/g' {}  \;

TIP: Agree to take always capital letters or small letters for the hex color codes.

Since I have ended developing this theme by using the curious blue or #1793D1, that will be the color you will want to change into a color of your liking.

You can use programs as gpick but online there are plenty of color choosers and color schemers.



2 scripts have been included to change colors automatically – see at bottom of article

In the following movies you can see what I did to change color1 into color2 manually.








We ended the journey with blue icons or curious blue but please choose your own color.

By the way the trash can be emptied. It is red!


Added 2 scripts to change colors

In the folder of Sardi Flexible you will find two scripts :

  1. one script will change the blue colour in the colour of your choice
  2. one script will change the blue colour in a randomly choosen colour


Script : Change icons into one specific colour



Script : Randomly choose colours and change icons