Sardi Modularity – the creation of Numix Circle Arc

As pointed out in this article Sardi aims to achieve several objectives. This article proves how modular Sardi icons can be.

Let us create Numix Circle Arc combining Numix Circle and Sardi Arc.

The procedure to create any new icon theme using the modularity is as follows

  1. Copy/paste and rename the folder
  2. Change the index.theme – name and inherits
  3. Create new icon-theme.cache
  4. Select new icon theme with theme manager

This tutorial is created on Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon but Sardi is distro independent.

You can create this icon theme on any distro.

Numix Circle Arc

This time we combine elements from Sardi Arc and an external icon theme Numix Circle.

Installation script for Numix and Numix Circle can be found on my github.




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