Sardi Mono Numix Colora can be changed into anything with only 4 colours

Sardi Mono Numix Colora replaces the old Sardi Mono Numix Grey. At the time I learned how I could change the icons manually in inkscape. In the mean time I grew to love scripting and I have now scripts to do the labour for me. Not only can I change it back into the look of Numix Grey but into any kind of look.

It takes the script two seconds.

In the Sardi Mono Numix Colora folder you will find a script to change all coloured icons to any colour you want. You will also find some presets or colour schemes which you can run via terminal or via double-clicking.

The icon theme is called Numix because the folder icons are coming from the Numix icons.
We use inkscape to test what colour combinations we like and copy/paste the codes into the script and run it or we sample a wallpaper and find the colours in there.

We end up making a new icon theme.

16 million colour choices

We start by selecting the Sardi Mono Numix Colora. This is our standard look. And then we will show you all the standard presets we have made until now.

Sardi Mono Numix Colora


Sardi Mono Numix Colora Polo

Article to this project is here. Here we sample the colours from the wallpaper we like.


Sardi Mono Numix Colora Hot Pink

Article to this project is here. Here we open inkscape to define the colours we like.


Sardi Mono Numix Colora Havelock Blue

This is our standard theme!



Sardi Mono Numix Colora Mist

This is the old Sardi Mono Numix Grey.


Sardi Mono Numix Colora Moon Tomato




Sardi Mono Numix Colora Orangina



Sardi Mono Numix Colora Orangette



Sardi Mono Numix Colora Red Brick



Sardi Mono Numix Colora Santa Claus




The sheer amount of possibilities drives one crazy.